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Welcome at board!

The moletto of Ardenza in Livorno

reference point for pleasure boating

A sea of experience

South of Livorno in a strategic and well protected position, a safe harbor with all the services for boats


The story of...

Sgarallino Andrea (Livorno 1819 - there 1887 ), Patriot, ancestor of our council member. He fought against the Austrians in Montanara (1848) and Livorno (1849); he was then exiled to North America (1849-59). In 1860 he followed Garibaldi to Talamone and Sicily and in 1866 he commanded the gunboat Torrione on Lake Garda. His brother Jacopo (Livorno 1823 - there 1879) fought with the Piedmontese army in the Crimea (1854-55) and in Lombardy (1859). A fervent Garibaldian, he was in Sicily with the Thousand (1860), in Aspromonte (1862), in Poland (1864), in Trentino (1866) and in Mentana (1867).

A place loved by
friends & families

I have been a member of Moletto di Ardenza for many years and it is like being part of a family ...

Ale, 57

corda nautica

Pure passion!

There is nothing mysterious for a sailor but the sea itself, which is the master of its existence and as inscrutable as fate.

Joseph Conrad

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